Deepclean Services

Why Choose Us ?

With so many different cleaning systems being used to clean soft and hard furnishings it can be a real dilema, when it comes to selecting a business to carry out the work you want doing.

Why Choose ‘Deepclean Services’ ?

1. An owner/operator for over 32 years, Dave is one of the most experienced and highest qualified in the UK.

2. Personal service and reliability.

3. Member of the leading trade associations.

4. After using electric portables for 23 years, upgraded in 2003 to the highly powerful ‘Truck Mounted Extraction System’ with up to 20 times more power and cleaning efficiency. December 2007 saw the introduction of the amazing BlueLine Thermal Wave 2 Vortec, one of the UK’s most powerful Truck Mount machines.

5. Money back guarantee.

6. Reasonable rates.

7. Domestic and Commercial.

8. Prompt after sales service.

9. Regular newsletter.

10. You will find that ‘Deepclean’ is an honest, easy going, trustworthy and respectful service.

1980 – 2003

The first 23 years Portable Extraction machine set up.

Portable Extraction Machine

2003 – 2007

Steamway and Citroen Dispatch ‘Truck Mount’ set up.

Truck Mount

2007 – Present Day

Blueline Thermal Wave 2 Vortec and Citroen Relay ‘Truck Mount’ set up.

Truck Mount

Carpet Cleaning Leyland ~ Upholstery Cleaning Leyland ~ Tile Cleaning Leyland ~ Grout Cleaning Leyland ~ Power Washing Leyland

Leather Cleaning Leyland ~ Tile And Grout Cleaning Leyland ~ Carpet Cleaner Leyland ~ Carpet Cleaners Leyland ~ Carpet Cleaning In Leyland

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