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The Methods And Why

The Beginnings. (1980)

I, Dave Lee the owner/operator of Deepclean Services, began my carpet and upholstery cleaning services in 1980, using shampoo, brushes and natural sponges, cleaning by hand.

When doing carpets, it was a hands and knees job. The principal was that by introducing shampoo via the brush and sponges to the item being cleaned, the soil would be loosened and absorbed by the sponges, which were frequently rinsed.

1981 – 2003

Leaving the army, I went full time with my cleaning business. I quickly realised that the shampoo method I was using had severe limitations, so switched to the HWE, hot water extraction method, using portable machinery.

The superior cleaning was clear to see, and I remained with this system for a further 22 years, always having the best possible machines that were available.

During those 23 years I also purchased a Dry Cleaning System and a Rotary Low Moisture System. Like the Shampoo method, I quickly learned that these two systems were equally limited, not only in the jobs they could used for, but also the results that were achievable. It got to the point that I was not using them, choosing the HWE method instead, for every job. I sold them on.

2003 – 2007

By 2003, the vast majority of my work was repeat customers and their referrals. I upgraded from portable machinery to Truck Mounted HWE. This is an engine powered unit that is permanently fitted in the van, with just the solution and vacuum hoses running from the van to the items being cleaned. It is a fully self contained unit, including its own clean water tank and all the soiled extracted water is delivered via vacuum into a separate waste water tank in the van, alleviating any odourous air that portable machines exhaust into the property. The cleaning results were even more astonishing, the job was faster, the drying time dramatically reduced.

2007 – Present Day

Another upgrade, this time to the what was possibly the most powerful HWE machinery available in the UK, the Blueline Thermal Wave Vortec Truck Mounted System. With one of the biggest vacuum systems and a solution pump with 3,500psi available, this really is beast of a machine, yet capable of cleaning the finest fabrics, due to its sheer power range, in fact in the seven years of use, it has never been run at full.

The Methods

Based on 35 years valuable experience in the cleaning of mainly carpets and upholstery, the following is my opinion of the methods of cleaning these items available today.

Dry Cleaning

This consists of power brushing a damp compound in and through the carpet pile, in several direction. The idea being that the granules that contain, detergent and solvent, loosen, separate and eventually contain the soil. These quickly dry and are then vacuumed up. Not all the compound can be removed with the vacuum and remain in the carpet. This method can work if the carpet is only lightly soiled, any heavily soiled areas however need to be wet sprayed with another solution first. Hence on what I would call an average job, the carpet would have to pre-sprayed first, in order to achieve a satisfactory result – this of course ends up being a wet rather than dry clean, and one of the reasons I gave up on it. This method has been around for many years, but has never been popular with ‘in the know’ operators. It has re-surfaced in recent years as franchise operations.

Low Moisture/Encapsilation/Bonnet Buffing

Three similar in nature systems of using less water than HWE. These systems were originally developed for regular maintenance of commercial building, in between deep cleaning with HWE. They have however been introduced into the residential market in recent years. The basis of this method, is that a rotary machine spins or ossolates a bonnet, pad or brush over a pre-sprayed carpet, thereby agitating and separating soil. The soil is then either absorbed by the bonnet/pad etc or encapsulated in the cleaning chemical solution. If the latter, the idea being that the soil containing solution, once dry can be vacuumed away.

HWE Hot Water Extraction

The first machines many of which are still in use today, were of the portable variety. Water would be poured into a container tank and cleaning solution added to it. A vacuum cleaning wand with a number of spray jets is then passed over the carpet surface, back and forward in a scrubbing, but gliding action, whilst spraying. The solution releases and separates the soil from the carpet fibres, and is simultaneously collected along with any excess water by vacuum extraction. This waste water is delivered to another tank in the portable unit. A bucket is then used to empty the tank and disposed of down a drain. This is the only system that gives the carpet fibres a thorough rinse, flushing the soil out of the carpet and upholstery fabric.

Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction

These are American Machines, hence the term ‘Truck’ mounted. Powered by their own engine, the size of which determines the extent of that power.

This utilises the same principal as portable HWE, but has the huge advantage of sheer extra power. Carpets and fabrics not only are cleaned more efficiently, they dry so much faster and all exhausted air is carried outside back into the van meaning no bad odours in the home, that was sometimes possible with portable units.


Dry Cleaning, uses damp granules/compound to absorb soil before being vacuumed once dry, however really dirty carpets need a wet pre-spray first.

Low Moisture, etc, uses a bonnet/pad/brush to either absorb the loosened soil or relies on it being encapsulated in the dry chemical to be vacuumed away once dry.

Hot Water Extraction, uses hot water and solution injected through the carpet under pressure to separate the soil and remove by powerful vacuum extraction, delivering it into a waste tank in the unit.

Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction, is the same in principal as portable machine, but with massively increased power, providing maximum safe thorough rinsing and drying of carpet and upholstery fibres.

Why does Deepclean Services use Truck Mounted HWE ?

Anyone who knows anything about ‘cleaning’, will know that the main ingredient in the ‘cleaning pie’ once the soil has been separated from the item being cleaned, is the ‘Rinse’!

Hot Water Extraction is the ‘Only’ system that thoroughly rinses, the other systems relying on absorbsion, either by pad, bonnet, chemical or compound.

If I were satisfied that systems other than Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction were up to cleaning at the same standard, I would have chosen to purchase those much cheaper systems, rather than the £60,000 investment I made when going for ‘Thermal Wave’.

Any Question or Advice, just call, happy to help at any time

Dave Lee (Deepclean Services)

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